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elsbernd to move amendments and send forth without recommendation and take that up without objection. okay. could we call i think it is puc items, all related. at the same time. >> item four, hearing to receive update from puc on water system improvement to include information on projects completed to date, corresponding cost of upcoming projects and scheduling corresponding for upcoming projects. five, release or reserve funds in amount of $62,253,692 to fund the following water system improvement projects. the project management, cuw395 program reserve, san joaquin pipeline system, new irvington tunnel. vegetation restoration of wsip construction sites and program management. item six, resolution adopting finding under the california environmental quality act including adoption of mitigated monitoring and reporting program and statement of overriding considerations related to the san antonio backup pipeline project and directing clerk of the board and supervisors to notify controller of this action. >> thank you, mr. clerk. we have with us julie lavante from puc. >> good morning, supervi
that is interested of being a customer of this program. i heard that indirectly that supervisor elsbernd told the chamber of commerce he might be interested in being a customer as well, so i think there are a number of people that want to add themselves to that list, but we do take the concerns that were raised very, very seriously, so colleagues do we have any other comments, questions? seeing none why don't we move on to the next item, item four. >> item number four a resolution of accommodations first for ed harrington general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission and michael campbell and director for the san francisco public utilities commission. >> well, thank you very much and we have two resolutions of accommodation to two very important individuals and ed harrington being the first one and so much has been said about ed harrington that i don't know if we need to add to all the numerous things that have rightly said about him. i doubt that ed harrington is watching the lafco meeting. i am sure one of the benefits that he was looking forward to when he retired he n
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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